Best iPhone Apps for Small Business Owners

Apps are not limited to social networking and entertainment anymore. Apps are now transforming the face of businesses. They are getting more and more popular as well as potent. Also, they can boost the business’ performance and productivity by helping businesspersons stay prepared, productive and connected.

Are you a small business owner? If yes, then here is a list apps you must have in your iPhone:

1- Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is a productivity suite which needs no introduction. Its cloud-based version, Office 365, is extremely popular amongst businesses. Microsoft Word is one of the first three apps to be a part of the first Microsoft Office suite. It is the go-to text creating and editing app for most people and businesses. Microsoft Excel is used to compute and analyze information, hold records, and visualization of data. OneNote, a note-taking application, can be a blessing during meetings.

2- Genius Scan

Genius Scan is a PDF scanning application that is available for free in the Apple App Store. Using this app, you can generate high-quality PDF files using the pictured snapped from your iOS device. This app is designed to incorporate several features which allow users to change contrast, zoom, and other stuff to yield premium quality PDF files. These files are shareable and can be stored anywhere.

3- Things 3

Things 3 is a highly rated iOS application for task management. Now, every businessperson should have an efficient and handy task management tool in their pocket-sized devices. Throughout the day, businesspersons have to conduct a variety of jobs and bear different responsibilities. This is where apps such as Things 3 can boost the efficiency of businesspersons.

4- WorkFlow

Apple’s WorkFlow app is a must-have in every businessperson’s iPhone. This free application automates whatever the user does on their iOs device and transforms those actions into a basic button. WorkFlow is a fantastic app for automating tasks. It helps in boosting productivity by making a set of automated functions that the device will execute whenever the user wishes. Now, businesspersons do not have to individually deal with Safari, Camera, Contacts, Social Networking apps, etc.

5- QuickBooks

QuickBooks is one of the most popular accounting tools. This program is created to boost productivity by easing the account management process. The app contains several tools and features that can be used to boost the business’ efficiency. Users, who are new to accounting, can easily make and share professional invoices and receipts to their consumers. They can also keep track of their expenditures, and store bills and tabs.

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