A Hacker Claims he has been Selling Access to Apple Internal Tool

A hacker is continuously claimed to have access to the internal Apple tools which can return some account information on the Apple customers.

On the Twitter profile, the unnamed hacker is hovering access to the tools, where the hacker tweeted numerous photos of exactly what appears to be accessed in the Apple’s Global Service Exchange (GSX) system. The internet-facing systems are generally used by the authorized workers and staffs to handle the after-sales support and repair requests carefully.

ZDNet’s Zack Whittaker contacted the hacker and asked them for verification of his claims. But the hacker has a valid Apple Watch serial number, and he reverts after a few minutes with several screenshots including the correct information about the model, type, and series.

But the screenshot doesn’t contain any other information apart from that the device was “out of warranty,” and which is not precise.

When the reporter pressed, the hacker declined to provide the device’s which consist of associated account information. For the protection of your device from the hackers or online threats install Norton. Norton completely protects your device and monitors the malware. To know more about Norton visit norton.com/nu16 or to get any technical help, dial the toll-free number of Norton customer support.

The hacker replied on Twitter that, “I can’t tell you my work,”

The hacker claims that he sells access to the Apple’s confidential GSX system to at least 20 people every day by using a private utility which lets him acquire usernames and passwords.

 However, ZDNet sources claimed that the hacker has access to a test version of the GSX tool which can be used only for development, and it doesn’t create any threat to the data of the user.

The source said that “It mainly contains dummy data,” and most likely the system has returned valid tool information but it is otherwise incorrect or missing account data. But the system no longer returns real account or warranty of any data. The hacker even didn’t’ reply when challenged to his claims.

It still unclear that how the hackers gained access to the Apple’s tools even when a system doesn’t contain account or user data.

From the last few years,  Apple has been continuously targeted by hackers and also asserted hackers and also largely extract the company or scam unaware customers.

Previously, scammers claimed to have records of millions of Apple ID and also intimidated by the remotely wipe accounts except a ransom was paid. But the claims were overstated, and the hackers will never follow through their demands.

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