How To Print From Kindle?

Kindle, a digital reader, is one of the handiest and easy-to-use devices.  If you are a bibliophile or somebody who is doing research, then you must be aware of the fantastic Kindle experience. Even though Kindle is excellent and the books are considerably less expensive, it does not allow the users to print directly from it, unless they have a Kindle Fire HD. Imagine that you are reading a cookbook on your Kindle and want to print a recipe out. How will you do that? Thankfully, even though Kindle does not directly allow the users to print from it, a number of third-party tools are available. Let us see how to print from Kindle. Follow the steps given below:

  1. Firstly, you need to connect the Kindle to your PC. If you have Kindle Fire, then you do not need to connect it to your computer. However, the other Kindle models need to be connected via a USB cable to the PC. After joining the Kindle, wait for some time for it to show up on the screen.
  2. Just go to any web browser and lookup DRM-removal. Download the software from the web. Ensure that the website you are installing it from is trusted. When the software is downloaded, just install and run it.
  3. After successfully installing the program, launch it by double-clicking on it. Now, just choose the ebooks you want to print. A green colored + button named Add Files will be present in the top left corner of the screen. Click on it and choose the files. The files will get copied now.
  4. Now, you merely need to convert the DRM removed ebooks. Just use an ebook converter and convert the .azw files to PDF or epub. After converting the file to PDF format, you can print it via Adobe Reader.
  5. Just open any application which supports printing from it. Files get converted by applying only a few steps. It is quick because ebooks are light-weight. Just launch an ebook reader which supports printing. For example, open Adobe Reader.
  6. In the program, open the file and then click on the print button. Select the options in the Print window. Enter how many copies you wish to print, and if the printing will be single-sided or double-sided. After entering all the information, click on the Print button. If you are printing an entire book, then keep more cartridges handy.

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