Microsoft To Help Walmart Go Cashier-less

In the previous month, Reuters reveals that recently Microsoft has been working on the technology to permanently removing the check-out lines and also clerks from all the grocery stores.

Though, on the heels of elaboration around the Amazon Go convenience stores, Microsoft’s entry into space might set up an argument between the corporate giants.

Reuters report stated that taking on Amazon in any of the retail environment is very difficult, to state the least, but still, Microsoft might have an important brick-and-mortar assistant. And now the Microsoft has been in gossips with the Walmart to execute its technology with them.

When Reuters reached out to the Shana Pilewski, a Senior Content Marketer at Dynamic Yield, and also machine learning and personalized marketing company for getting some perspective on the possible Microsoft-Walmart alliance and also what it could really mean for the Amazon.

How huge you think about the potential Microsoft-Walmart partnership is being viewed within Microsoft right now?

Finally, after the vast debates about the payments collaboration between the Walmart and Microsoft broke and all are very positive about the hands of the tech giant’s business-AI team are on the hit. And if the deal goes through then, the Walmart will really want that the Microsoft to roll out its cashier-less technology as fastly and proficiently as possible to best benefit from on the head start its collection retail reach affords them. The Bezos gears are up to launch its Amazon Go stores in the Chicago and San Francisco.

Is this a convincing response to the Amazon’s march into brick-and-mortar retail?

According to the Loup Ventures, the cashier-less checkout is expected to develop into a $50 billion market in the U.S. all alone. This collaboration will indicate that an enormous advantage for Walmart above the Amazon which is truly level-setting regarding the innovation and also insights that we thought about the Amazon Go stores which would spearhead. The Walmart would instantly get access to the vital customer experience data that would let it to continue iterating on a completely new way of shopping and all of this happening as the Amazon fights to catch up in a few stores across the US directly

What types of abilities may propose the partnership give to the Walmart when all comes to serving them better, understanding its customers, and also offering some more competitive prices?

While sometimes we are even not sure about how exactly the various technologies approach together and also apparent within some shopping experience, it is safe to assume that the mobile phone will always play a huge role in enabling the customers to bypass the checkout. A straight gateway to the customers’ always wants, some needs, interests, and, also more importantly, location, leveraging mobile as a tool only for self-service payments that opens the door for some huge opportunities and also for refining the whole customer journey with further relevant communication, promotions, products, and also services.

If partnership goes ahead, then what is retail going to look like in next 10 years?

However, in-store experiences always needed to change with the increasing rise of mobile phones and digital experiences for at least some time. The issues with attaining that have traditionally been due to an over-dependence on maintaining the status quo and the mentality that if it is not broken then don’t even fix it, though still many of these systems have been broken or rather dated for some time.

Nevertheless, then Bezos approached in and began to unsettling all of these different markets that forcing every industry, including the retail, to get innovating or terror the wrath of Amazon. And today, the fact is that this partnership is set to pose an important threat to the Amazon means in the next 10 years and are also destined to look entirely different than what exactly the picture now and instead of rolling through the Facebook on our phones. While we will wait in line for a cashier to the bag, scan, and charge us for our items, we will surely be using them only to check ourselves out and also be on about our day.

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